Why Ecopipo?

For your baby’s health and comfort

If you use cloth underwear, why you put your baby paper or plastic diapers for 24 hours a day? The softness and comfort that a cloth diaper provides can’t be compared to a disposable diaper. Also cloth diapers being softer and leaving the skin of your baby to breathe, help to prevent diaper rash.

Diaper rash is a very common condition in infants that causes skin to get irritated, red, scaly, and tender. Often the rash occurs because the skin is irritated by carrying the dirty diaper too long, having the diapers too tight or because the baby’s skin is sensitive to certain brands of detergent, soap or baby wipes. The plastic diaper also prevents the flow of air inside, creating a warm, moist environment is an ideal breeding ground for the proliferation of fungi and the formation of rashes.

For our Planet

A child spends 124 diapers per month which equates to 4464 diapers over his life! 50 million disposable diapers are used every day, most disposable diapers are not biodegradable.

In addition, disposable diapers takes the 3rd place in the more pollutant articles list, every year more than 30 million trees are felled in the world for its manufacturing. An important part of the contents of the disposable diaper is plastic, which is not recovered and in white disposable diapers there is also an important content of chlorine used to whiten. According to the Women’s Environmental Network, based in Britain, some estimates show that the plastics in diapers can last up to 500 years.

Our diapers, being reusable, contribute greatly to the ecology of our planet. Few times in your life you can do something so significant for the ecology

For your family economy

If in average each child uses 4464 disposable diapers during his life, the total spending would be:


4,464 X 0.33 = $1,473.12 USD


This does not include diaper rash creams, visits to the pediatrician because of the diaper rash, diarrhea days of the baby, change diaper brand because it causes allergies. Moreover, a cloth diaper can be inherited to the little brother so the savings are endless.

Because our children learn faster

It is a fact that children who use cloth diapers learn before to control their sphincters, and with less effort by their parents. The basic reason is that when they wet a cloth diaper, they noticed it immediately. With disposable diapers, is likely that they do not realized what is happening to their body because they feel nothing.

Because Cloth Diapers don’t contain chemicals

The fabrics used in cloth diapers allow air flow inside the diaper, which helps prevent diaper rash and keeps it cooler. Disposable diapers contain chemicals (polyacrylate gel) and also are made from paper and plastic, which has been reported to cause allergic reactions and other serious health problems.

Because Cloth Diapers are prettier

It is not only that there are a great variety of materials, but the patterns and colors are so beautiful that you’ll want to have all of them for your baby. We have many designs and we are always thinking about what you and your baby prefer. Why keep using those boring disposable diapers forever!

Because Cloth Diapers can be inherited to little siblings!

Can be used by the siblings, given away or sold. Disposable diapers are just that, disposable, while cloth diapers can be used practically till they fall apart, which means many, many uses.