I received two cloth nappies, that Ixchel, Ecopipo’s CEO and founder, kindly sent directly from Mexico. The first to pass the test was the Minky bee design.
To start with the nappy is really cute, I like the colour and design, and the minky that is completely outside the nappy, it is very soft, but does not make my baby’s bum hot.
Something that caught my attention was the absorbent towel (insert) because I had not seen any nappy with that style before, but I loved it because it dries much faster and its absorbency can be customized depending on the size of your baby or even if it is a girl or boy, in addition the combination of microfiber with bamboo, makes a perfect duo for a fantastic absorption.
The size is quite generous and the snaps system in the front helps you to set the size of the nappy as the baby grows, saving you money because it can be used practically from birth until your toddler is potty trained.

I must confess that I rather not to use nappies with Velcro because Kung Fu my baby, knows how to take them off, but although I still prefer snaps because they seemed more enduring, I can say that Ecopipo nappies’ Velcro is super strong and makes nappy change very easy, especially in those midnights where you need to change your baby on when you are at and about.

I also love its “laundry tab” stich on the inside of the nappy, so that once you take it off your baby, you can stick the Velcro® on them and thus prevent it from sticking to other nappies and getting damage.

The nappy on the inside has an internal rail system, which act as barriers when the baby poop is quite liquid and avoid up spills, especially in new-borns. But I think what I liked most was the pocket system as it has a sort of tab or flap that closes the opening where the absorbent towel is placed, so not even with the worst situations!, the poop is never going to find its way inside the nappy !!!!

In conclusion Ecopipo nappies are manufactured with excellent quality and have nothing to envy to nappies that are made in the United States, Canada or Europe, the colours are bright and their designs are attractive. I think my favourite undoubtedly, is the Minky type, it is not only soft on the outside, but because the absorbent towel is made of bamboo, a renewable material that absorbs a great deal without adding bulk to the nappy.
May, USA

Hi, my baby wears Ecopipo nappies. I researched a lot about washable nappies in Mexico and Ecopipo is the best brand. Its design, comfort and durability have convinced me that they are the best for my son. I highly recommend them. A pack of 15 combs is ideal for me as a full time nappy user.
Caro, Mexico

Hello. My baby has had also a nice range of nappies; I would like to recommend Ecopipo washable nappies for their comfort, these nappies adjust very well to my baby’s body. I also recommend them because you can really use them from birth to potty, my daughter is two now and these nappies have been wonderful,
Milerna, Spain

Because my baby was born prematurely, I was rushed to hospital a little bit unprepared and when Domi was born their bum nearly bleed due to bad nappy rash. One nurse suggested to me to buy a more expensive, presumably better quality, disposable nappies. Poor Domi, neither the new disposables nor the ointments given by the doctor relieved the nappy rash.

After nearly 3 weeks of not having any result, I was lucky that another nurse told me to put him in cloth and it was then when I bought my first Ecopipo nappies. I used the newly born size because Domi’s weight was 4 pounds only, but in 5 days all rash was gone without any ointments or creams.

The ones we use look as new as when we bought them, they have no stains and the do not smell bad in any way. I just wash them in the washing machine and if I cannot air dry them I tumble dry them as I live in a flat.

At Domi’s nursery they put them in their wet bag and I have had no problems with them at all.

For hygiene I prefer to put a flushable liner that helps to remove the poop from the nappy very easily and throw it into the toilet, so I do not have to carry poop nappies in my nursery bag.
Arwen, Spain

Something I would like to say is that my Ecopipo cloth nappies have lots of technology. Do not imagine that they are like the ones used by our grannies.

Their applied technology makes my baby’s skin to remains dry while the middle fabric that they call it the absorbing insert, takes all liquids and a third layer that is waterproof leaves my baby’s skin breathe but let moisture away from her clothing.
Leo, Spain

Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience, my child is already 4 ½ months and for the last three weeks we have been using Ecopipo cloth nappies, and we have done very well.

I like the fact that each nappy comes with two inserts, when use together they work very well especially at night time or when in a long journey in the car.
A happy Ecopipo mum, Mexico

Many congratulations. You have helped me to save a great deal of money using my Ecopipo nappies.
Leti, Columbia

I found that that my Ecopipo diapers are great night-time diapers. The only problem with that is that are so cute that I like to use them during the day or when we’re out and about so that other people can see it.
Chelsea, USA

Hi, I’m an Ecopipo mum and I would like to share my personal experience:

In 2012, my husband and I came across with Ecopipo nappies at a baby fair. I was 8 months pregnant and we liked the new (old) idea of cloth nappies so we bought a pack of 10 nappies, extra inserts, and even bamboo flushable liners.

The final price of the whole package was a bit expensive because we were not planning to buy nappies and the money was intended for something else.

When I told friends and family about our new acquisition their comments were rather negative: “How awful! You will have to wash as in the olden days!” “You’re going to spend a lot of water and electricity!” “Nah, they will not work” and best of all: “If money it’s your problem, I will buy your son all the nappies he needs!”
My son was born with very skinny legs, and reluctantly we had to use disposables in the early days. In the first month we spend 70 pounds in disposables!!!

Now that my son is 3 months old we only use Ecopipo nappies and we have not bought a single bag of disposables. I am happy to tell you that our water and electricity bills have not increased. I wash the dirty nappies on the same laundry with the rest of his cloth. I have to say that our water and electricity have not increased significantly.

Also I have to add that I have not had a single accident in four weeks and they are so cute with one T-shirt and a pair of sandals he looks very smart and casual wherever we go.

I assumed savings this month will be around 35 pounds (and I have asked my husband to take me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant for mother’s day, he, he, he!)

Thanks Ecopipo, I’m satisfied with my nappies and seeing my son’s face he is very content too.
M.L., Mexico