Terms and conditions for Ecopipo’s Love or return scheme

In order to have a refund under this scheme each user MUST comply with all the following point:

      1. Only nappies BOUGHT under this scheme can be refunded under this scheme.
      2. The following will void your right to return your nappies:
        1. Not requesting support and query any doubts in writing to Ecopipo’s champion Jennifer Orr as soon as you need it. This first contact MUST be done by emailing Jenni to  Jennisclothnappies@hotmail.com.
        2. Not following Ecopipo’s washing instructions and causing damage to nappies, to include inserts, covers and wraps.
        3. Not informing in writing no later than the given date of the end of the trial, that there is an intention not to keep the nappies.
        4. Not returning the nappies to Ecopipo HQ using Royal Mail 2nd class signed for.
      3. Money will not be refunded until the nappies have been returned and we have checked that they are in good working condition
      4. if nappies show clear signs of mistreatments such as not using the Velcro protectors, overheating, using bleach or any other damage money will not be refunded.
      5. Once we are happy with the condition of the nappies money will be refunded as followed:
        • Option 1: £100.00
        • Option 2: £ £57.50
        • Option 3: The amount paid minus £10.00

Our final decision on the condition of the nappies cannot be challenged, however, we will decide if it is possible to offer a partial return on the nappies that are in good working order.