Love or Return option 2


Love or Return refund amount: £57.50

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Upfront Cost: £65

Non-refundable deposit (included in price above): £7.50

Love or Return refund amount: £57.50

  • 1 Ecobebé One size All-in-2 (AI2) nappies
  • 1 Ecobebé insert
  • 1 Ecopipo One size pocket nappy
  • 1 Bamboo Terry booster for Ecobebé All in 2 and for Ecopipo pocket nappies
  • 1 Ecopipo One size adjustable Night nappy
  • 1 Nappy cover for the Night nappy
  • Postage

BONUS: If you decide to keep ALL your nappies, we will give you a voucher worth £6.00 for Jenni’s cloth nappies shop.


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