Ecopipo Large Wetbags

Check out these large storage wet bags with ample capacity and their vibrant colours to store (dry pail) all your cloth nappies till laundry day.

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Ecopipo Large Wetbags

  • They are made of quality waterproof  PUL, 100% polyester.
  • For your peace of mind, we only used PUL that is free from phthalates and banned azo dye
  • The PUL not only keeps all the smells in but also helps air circulation to keep your nappies mould free.
  • You can wash it with your nappies or normal laundry at 40 or at 60 degrees.
  • Washing at 40 degrees prolongs the life o your wet bag.
  • It has a capacity for 20 to 25 nappies
  • It can be hung up behind a door or it can be used as a nappy bucket liner.
  • Excelente accessory to dry pail your nappies, without using too much space.
  • Once you are done  with nappies, the bag can be used as a laundry bag

To prolong the life of your wet bag, we recommend you:

  1. To wash all  your wet nappy bags preferably at 40°C with non-biological or biological  washing detergent in powder or liquid;
  2. Wash at 60 when soiled;
  3. Never tumble dry or dry on top of a radiator and
  4. Do not iron.

When you look after your reusable products, especially the ones made of PUL, you help to prolong their life, therefore the carbon footprint of the product decreases.

This will enable you to look after the environment in a better manner while reducing the carbon footprint of you and your baby.

To store your nappies in a safe manner when you are out and about, the small wet bags with a capacity of up to 5 nappies and two well separate compartments are a must-have!

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Weight 300 g

Aqua, Grey, Purple, Red


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