Nappy libraries terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for The Ecopipo’s Nappy Libraries scheme for Nappy libraries adhere to the UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Network

Please read this document and sign electronically if you agree with it so we can finish your application to this scheme.

General Terms

  1. These terms and condition apply only for nappy libraries registered within the UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Network.
  2. Only nappy libraries with an approved application form that has been signed electronically will be able to have a nappy library account with Ecopipo UK.
  3. The main purpose of the scheme is to help your nappy library to buy Ecopipo® products for your library’s stock at a discounted price, for the exclusive purpose to show them, lend them or hire them to your nappy libraries’ users.
  4. Any nappies or nappy related products that are sent to your nappy libraries free of charge or at a discounted price, are deemed to be ON LOAN and therefore may not be traded, sold or given away.

Discount for Nappy Libraries

  1. Your nappy libraries will receive a 25% off the RRP in any Ecopipo® nappies and nappy related items.
  2. Using your library account you can buy out directly from our online shop on
  3. All items must be paid before they can be delivered to you.
  4. We do accept payments from councils or any other organisation that is supporting your nappy library. If you need to contact us regarding this, please send an email to

About the condition of the Ecopipo® products of your stock

  1. All your Ecopipo® cloth nappies for your library’s users must be in good working condition before you show them, lend them or hire them.
  2. We understand that there is a wear and tear in each hiring, but if you think that PUL material or spring have been damaged, we would rather exchange your nappy for a good, sound nappy for your library free of charge.
  3. Exchange of a damaged nappy can only happen once and only for nappy covers of products that have been bought in less than 2 years.
  4. Heat damage of PUL will not be covered by this agreement.
  5. If you think we need to change a nappy cover for you and would like to send it back to us, please email us first at

About the unforeseen event of your Nappy Library’s closure

In the event of your nappy library ceasing to operate, any Ecopipo® cloth nappies can be passed onto another library via the UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Network– Donations for libraries Facebook page.
Please notify Ecopipo UK which Library is receiving these nappies so we can continue supporting this library.

Thank you in advance to adhere to these T&C to help us to continue supporting your cloth nappy advocacy work.

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