G3 Reusable Pocket Nappies

Check out the New Ecopipo G3 Reusable Pocket Nappies

Ecopipo has launched in Europe its new, improved pocket nappy. We call it the G3!

All Mums want the very best of absorbency in their children’s nappies, but prefer slimmer bums, so everyone at Ecopipo has worked for many months to offer the G3 now right across the world.

In the early days, you can use only the microfibre, that cleans and dries very quickly as you need to reuse your nappies more often. Once you need a little more absorbency you can add the new G3 Organic Cotton and Terry bamboo booster, which is not only super absorbent, but it is super slim!

This booster does not come as standard, but for every 3 pocket nappies, you get 1 booster free of charge. This booster dries in no time at all!

As your baby grows and their absorbency need change you can start using the bamboo booster and finally when you baby needs all the absorbency, you can add, the double organic cotton and bamboo insert (4 layers), the microfibre (3 layers) and the booster (2 layers) with a total of 9 layers of absorbency that still is not bulky for you child.

The new organic cotton and bamboo inserts are weaved in a different manner so they feel and look slimmer, without any loss in absorbency. Our new G3 matches the absorbency of our bulkier V2 nappy.