This is one of the most common question parents ask us, although this is not an exact answer, it is a good guide in the number of nappies you need to cloth bum your baby full time under our British weather conditions. 

These are our three prepositions for you and remember if you don’t want to use cloth nappies at night time, this is fine too! 

Option 1: With more Ecopipo® pocket nappies.  Equivalent to 23-day time nappies and 3 for night time.   This option includes 3 bamboo boosters free of charge 

Option 2:  With more Ecobebé AI2.  Equivalent to 24-day time nappies and 3 for night time. This option includes 2 bamboo boosters free of charge 

Option 3: Mainly Ecobebé® y 2 pockets for going shopping for instance. No using cloth nappies at night time.  This option includes 1 bamboo booster free of charge 

Stop the press!!!!

Switching to cloth nappies doesn’t need to be difficult or risky?

For mums like you that are not 100% sure if cloth nappies are right for you and for your baby, we thought of a way to trial all types of Ecopipo® cloth nappies without risking your money. 🤔

We call it “Love or Return Scheme”. In 2018 it was very successful and we would love more mums to avail it in 2019. 💚💜

Without a doubt, this is the safest way to trial Ecopipo cloth nappies!

For more info check our Love or return scheme here.