Gentle to your baby

Babies that have to wear disposable nappies spend hour after hour with their bottoms wrapped in paper and plastic. Adults and older children use cloth underwear for freshness and comfort. Should we not use the same materials on our babies’ bottoms?

Ecopipo nappies are super soft and their fabrics help baby’s skin to breathe well,  whilst drawing moisture away from the skin. These properties help to prevent and control nappy rash.

Nappy rash is the term used for an uncomfortable and upsetting inflammation of the skin on the nappy area. Almost all babies can develop it at some stage. Observations have shown that this mainly happens when babies wear disposable nappies.

The chemicals found in disposable nappies trap urine within the material so well, that they encourage parents to keep the nappy on their baby for even longer periods of time. This prolonged contact between urine and chemicals, combined with the increased  temperature in the nappy area due to the plastic in the disposable nappy, provides perfect conditions for the undesirable microorganisms associated with nappy rash to thrive.

Using Ecopipo nappies puts you in control of what is in contact with your baby’s skin. By eliminating chemicals and providing a reduced temperature in the nappy area, our nappies will help you to prevent you baby from getting nappy rash.

Your baby’s health and comfort are our top priority!