Gentle on your pocket

Disposable nappies cost a minimum of  £680, with a large percentage of parents spending over £1000, based on the average figure of 4000 to 6000 nappies for two and a half to 3 years ( Which? )


4000 X 0.17p (cheapest average cost of a nappy) = £ 680.00

Up to

6000 (maximum amount of estimated nappies used by a baby) X 0.17p = £1020.00

An average baby will need 15 Ecopipo nappies (with 2 absorbents each) and 10 extra absorbents from birth to potty. Buying Ecopipo nappies you will have a real saving of at least £450 by using them with your first baby. You will save much more with further children because our nappies are so durable they can be re-used for your next baby and for the next one too!

According to WRAP washable nappies can half the amount of cash the average British parent spends on disposable nappies.

For your own peace of mind, you will be delighted to discover that by using Ecopipo cloth nappies, you will have spent, at the most, 2/3 of what you would have spent on disposables. If yo have any question about cost of reusable nappies contact us on

At Ecopipo helping you to ease your family budget is very important to us!