To help our customers to look after their Ecopipo cloth nappies, we have answered in this FAQ section some of the most frequently asked questions. If you think there is something else we should include here, please contact us and help us improve.

Can I use Ecopipo nappies right from birth?
You can use them from birth, although some parents do not use them, as they don’t like the idea of using them in hospital or having to clean the meconium! The meconium (first poo) may be a little more difficult to wash out and using disposable nappies in the very first days might help mums and babies to settle down quicker. However every set of parents are different and if your baby is over 7lbs of weight and his/her legs are not too skinny you can use them with no problems, some hospitals allow parents to bring their nappies and their wet bag, and you might want to check the policy before your baby is born. For smaller babies or babies with thin legs (some very long babies) you can use Ecopipo new-born nappies that fit snugly babies up to 15lbs 6oz.

Are Ecopipo nappies more prone to leaks?
No, if nappies are put on correctly, in general, mums and dads agree that their babies have fewer leak accidents, particularly fewer poo leaks, as they are better at containing poo than disposable ones.

Perhaps cloth nappies can make vests a bit damp around the edges if the nappy is too wet – after 4-5 hours, by which time most babies usually need a full change of clothes anyway!

Are they easy to wash?
Yes, they are easy to wash, their soft fleece lining does not hold stains easily, although for easier washing you can use our very soft organic bamboo flushable nappy liners, which will make your laundry easier.

Are the liners very expensive?
Not really, they cost around 6p each (you can use only half of it) but the biggest advantage is that if the nappy is not stained, you can reduce the temperature of the washing machine and this will save you a great deal of money!

By using cloth nappies does it give you a lot more washing and more work to do?
Probably, you need to do 2 or 3 extra laundry loads a week, but you really need to put it into perspective. Would you prefer to have a little bit of extra work or to contribute to the pollution of the environment? With a baby you have more washing to do anyway, it makes no difference and once you get into a routine, it will be easy-peasy and you will be able to feel a great satisfaction for reducing the amount of rubbish a baby can generate.

Are babies more prone to sore bottoms (nappy rash) as they are not as absorbent as disposables?
No, in general, babies wearing cloth nappies suffer less from nappy rash, mainly because your baby will ask you to change him/her more often as the health professionals recommend. In addition, nappy rash is helped by the fact that our nappies don’t contain any chemicals.

At home, you can use our washable cloth wipes, and you may want to put with it a drop of tea-tree oil in the water to clean better dirty bottoms (some enthusiastic mums and dads take washable cloth wipes with them when they are out and about!)

Nappy rash is the result of the combination of chemicals contained in disposable nappies and the long periods that these nappies are aimed to be in contact with your baby’s bottom, keeping the fabric against your baby’s skin very dry.

What about out and about? Is it a pain to carry the dirty nappies about?
Not really, if you use flushable bamboo liners, you can put the poo in the toilet, if not get rid of any faeces because that is what will start to smell. Our wet bags will keep in all the smells of your wet nappies. Furthermore, you will have dirty clothes/ bibs /muslins etc to carry anyway, so a nappy or two does not make any difference. When you arrive home just put them straight from the wet bag into the washing machine or into the bigger wet bag.

I don’t have a tumble drier, do they dry quickly?
Ecopipo covers dry very easily as they come out of the machine almost dry and the inserts will dry and be ready for the following day. The bamboo inserts take the longest to dry simply because they are so absorbent. In general, during the summer time, you can hang them on the line and they will be ready for the following day.

During winter time, you can air dry your nappies in a hot room near a radiator and they also will be ready for the following day. Alternatively, if you have an airing cupboard, put them in there! Avoid tumble drying them as much as possible unless you are desperate and even then dry them for only short periods at medium to low heat. Please refer to the complete washing instructions for more information.

How many nappies do I realistically need?
We have worked out a formula for you taking into consideration the climate in the British Isles and thinking in reducing your energy expenditure and to help you to contribute to a cleaner environment.

For full-time users, we recommend to have 15 Ecopipo® nappies birth to potty size, each is supplied with a day insert and a bamboo insert.

If changing your baby every 3 hours, most babies will need only a day insert but because your peace of mind is important to us, we supply a bamboo insert with each nappy. Bamboo inserts are necessary to boost the absorbency for a heavy wetter so your baby can be comfortable in between changes.

Drying nappy covers is easy during the winter or summer time because our cover comes out of the washing machine nearly dry. We know that sometimes is difficult to dry our inserts, especially the bamboo ones, not for any other reason but because they are very absorbent!!!

To be able to wash your nappies every other day and to have enough inserts ready for your baby, we advise you to get 7 extra day inserts and 3 extra bamboo inserts. With these amounts of inserts, you will be able to have your nappies ready using very little your tumble dryer.

In addition, we recommend you to have 3-night inserts –night inserters can be boosted with one bamboo insert plus a day insert for a heavier wetter at night time. This latest combination provides most babies with 12 hours of sound sleep without having to change the nappy.

Birth to potty nappies fit babies well from around 10lbs. For smaller babies we do recommend to use our new-born nappies for a better fit.

For new-borns you will need to take into consideration you might have to wash your nappies every day. We recommend you to get 10 nappies and 5 extra microfibers and 5 bamboo inserts. We also recommend flushable liners so you can flush the runny-poo easier, especially if breastfeeding your baby. Using half of a liner will help you to wash them easier.

Check our packages deals. We have put a lot of thought into making a deal to provide you with the most convenient amount of nappies for the maximum comfort of your baby without causing a great impact on your pocket or in the environment!!

I am due soon and I am going to use reusable nappies this time! Any tips to make it easier?
Don’t get disheartened!! It can be easy to give up in the early days, but if you remind yourself each cloth you use saves you using one disposable and disposables can sit in landfills for over 500 years!! Take it nappy by nappy; one cloth nappy at that time is better than nothing until you find yourself on your feet again.

How do you recommend me to find self-motivation for using cloth nappies?
Every time you use a cloth nappy remind yourself that it is good to feel great doing your bit for the environment and in addition you are saving a fortune! A baby will go through 6000 nappies until they are potty trained at an average cost of £900. By using Ecopipo nappies you will save well over £500! Just imagine what you could do with that money!