European retailer’s Policy

Ecopipo®’s European retailer’s Policy

Laura Finnegan t/a Ecopipo® UK & Europe (the importer) has adopted the following guidelines (policy).

Aims of this policy

To position properly the Ecopipo® brand on the European market and to have a healthy competition in the sale of Ecopipo® products (products).

Commencing date

This policy is effective from June the first, 2017.

Policy Scope

  1. This policy only applies to all retailers who purchase Ecopipo® products for retail to the public in any country within Europe.
  2. This policy applies specifically to Ecopipo® products and does not intend to limit in anyway how retailers market other product lines or in any way inhibit agreements with other manufacturers.
  3. This policy does not constitute a party agreement, only the importer has authority to modify or derogate this policy.
  4. The relationship between the importer and retailers is a VOLUNTARY arrangement that may be terminated in writing by either party at any time, for any reason or without reason, with prior written notice to the other party.

General Terms

  1. All Ecopipo® retailers based in any European country, whether they belong to the European Union, the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) or are within the European continent, must comply with the following terms of retailing, prices and discounts.
  2. The importer has unilaterally decided, at this moment in time, to only do business with retailers who wish to retail the products to the final consumer either via an on-line shop or with a physical shop, or both.
  3. Therefore no retailers can sell any product to individuals, companies or organisations of any kind, whose purpose is to buy the products for resale to other people.
  4. All Ecopipo®’s retailers based in any European country where free trade of goods is permitted, as part of the agreements between the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, may sell Ecopipo® products in any of these countries.
  5. Ecopipo®’s European retailers are not granted exclusivity or restriction to a geographical area within the whole of the European continent.
  6. Ecopipo®’s European retailers cannot sell Ecopipo® products to any customer with residency outside Europe.

Pricing and Recommended retail Price (RRP)

  1. Under the terms of this policy, the recommended retail price (RRP) is defined as the price paid by the end consumer (customer) of any Ecopipo® product.
  2. The RRP is established by the importer in sterling pounds and retailers outside the United Kingdom must adjust the price in the currency in use in their country of retailing: either in euros or in the specific currency of the country.
  3. Any Ecopipo® product that appears electronically on any platform of the Internet or in printed materials must be accompanied by the price of that product.
  4. Retailers cannot omit the RRP price, and instead use terms like “see the special price”, “send us an email for special prices”, or any other phrase that implies a lower price or is designed to hide the RRP.
  5. These prices should at no time, be lower than the RRP’s in pounds sterling, according to the current exchange rate.
  6. The attached retailers’ price list and RRP is subject to revision at the importer’s discretion, and if any amendments are applicable, retailers will be notified in advance and prior to Ecopipo® UK&Europe accepting and processing a new order.
  7. No Ecopipo® product covered by this policy may be sold in any place in Europe, at a price lower than the current exchange rate of the RRP in Sterling established by Ecopipo® UK&Europe.
  8. The RRP should appear with each Ecopipo® product. In addition, the price should never be lower than the RRP as established by this policy.
  9. Any attempt to reduce the RRP of any Ecopipo® products, will be considered a violation of this policy. Such attempts may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Temporary discounts higher than allowed under the terms of this policy.
    2. Offering any gift or prize with the purchase of any Ecopipo® product not previously discussed and agreed with the importer.
  1. Pricing errors will be considered a violation of the policy. The specific circumstances will be investigated by Ecopipo® UK&Europe’s and should a termination of the voluntary agreement be decided on, it will be communicated in a timely manner i.e. before any new orders will be accepted.
  2. There is no appeal process on Ecopipo®UK&Europe’s decision to terminate the VOLUNTARY agreement with retailers found to be not following the pricing policy guidelines.


Pricing for Products considered as seconds

  1. The pricing policy discussed above applies only to premium products. It does not apply to damaged goods, for example stained products, or any product with minor manufacturing faults not affecting the expected operation of the product as well as preloved nappies approved by the importer. These products will be considered as seconds.
  2. Products classified as seconds will occasionally be available at a discount price to retailers for retail as seconds.
  3. The sale of products and items considered as seconds must be clearly identified as such by the retailer and on the retailer’s website and must be agreed with Ecopipo® UK&Europe’s before being advertised as such.
  4. The sale of incomplete products is not allowed, not even as seconds as Ecopipo® guarantees the proper functioning of its products to consumers.


Promotional prices

  1. The importer will set promotional prices periods. These periods will be communicated to retailers in advance by electronic notification.
  2. Retailers may sell products below the RRP on the days determined by the importer, and with the percentage reduction of prices established by the importer.
  3. Retailers will be able to receive compensation for these discounts and such as compensation will be agreed and notified by the importer prior to the commencement of the promotional period.
  4. There is no obligation for a retailer to participate in these promotional periods.
  5. Retailers will be able to promote on an on-going basis the offer of a free bamboo booster when a customer buys three pocket nappies with a day insert only in the same transaction. 

Discount policies that can be applied by retailers.

  1. As part of promotional sales, specific discounts may be offered to customers on an ongoing basis. Below are the only discounts allowed by Ecopipo® UK&Europe.
    1. A discount of 5% on packages of 6 nappies (or 5 nappies and 1 accessory)
    2. A discount of 8% on a purchase of 11 to 14 nappies (nappies plus up to 2 accessories)
    3. A discount of 10% on a purchase of 15 to 20 nappies (nappies plus up to 3 accessories)
  2. Retailers will be able to advertise these discounts if they wish.
  3. Discounts higher than these will be considered a violation of this policy.
  4. No sales of more than 20 nappies in the same transaction are allowed as they will be considered wholesale sales for resale.
  5. The above discount is granted at the discretion of the retailer and the importer will not compensate or reduce the price to the retailer to be passed to the last consumer.
  6. Discounts are only valid and apply for purchases of the specific amount of nappies in one transaction.
  7. Under no circumstances, nappies bought with one of the above discounts should be destined for resale.
  8. In the specific case of retailer’s anniversaries or store openings, the importer will allow a reduction of 10% in all products. However, the importer must be informed and permission must be sought by the retailer and given in written by the importer.
  9. In other to avoid concerns with other retailers, any other discount for any special occasion, ie, national reusable nappies promotion, baby shows, etc., must be approved by the Ecopipo®UK&Europe.
  10. In these special occasions, the importer will compensate the promotional efforts of the retailer, but only if they have been agreed prior to the commencement of the special occasion

Sanctions on unapproved discounts

  1. In the event that a retailer does not abide by the discount policies mentioned above, on the first occasion the retailer will be given a written warning from the importer and the incident will be recorded.
  2. In the case of relapse, the retailer will be notified in writing that further orders will not be processed.


Permission to use Ecopipo®’s  images

By becoming an Ecopipo®’s European Retailer, the importer grants local retailers the permission to use images, logos, videos, and advertising required for the sale and promotion of Ecopipo®’s products.

Below are guidelines that must be fulfilled in order not to damage the brand image and the credibility of the product:

  1. Any Ecopipo® image that retailers use for promotion, can be used only for the promotion of Ecopipo®, it will be understood as a fault, the use of our images for the promotion of other products or brands.
  2. The logo should not be modified in any way, as it represents the brand and has Intellectual Property Protection throughout the European Union, European Free Trade Association countries and any other country with inclusion in Europe.
  3. Retailers can use all marketing materials supplied by Ecopipo® UK&Europe, this includes tailored Ecopipo® brand marketing material for special occasions.
  4. Ecopipo® has a design department to support retailers to develop advertising for our products.
  5. If a retailer wishes to produce his/her own advertisement, for example, to attend a promotional fair or to participate in a specific campaign in the country of the retailer, it must be authorised first by. Ecopipo®UK&Europe.
  6. To obtain graphic material free of charge from our design service, it must be requested, without exception, 4 weeks in advance.
  7. Retailers are not allowed to use any Ecopipo®’s image or logo next to images of any products that are not of Ecopipo® brand.
  8. For retailers who only wish to sell Ecopipo® products the importer will provide them with a profile photo and a photo for the Facebook cover banner with the legend “Authorised Retailer “.
  9. For retailers who only sell Ecopipo® products, it is suggested that their social media or web page name begin with “Ecopipo® Retailer and the name of their city/ country” for faster identification by the customers. However, it is not necessary to have an Ecopipo® specialist page as long as the above image guidelines are respected.
  10. In the case that the products are sold online or in a physical store already established, Ecopipo®UK&Europe will provide them with the seal of Ecopipo®’ “authorised retailer”.
  11. The contact details of all the authorised retailers will be added to the web pages:; and

Facebook and other social networks

  1. Retailers may share the publications of the Facebook fan page of Ecopipo cloth nappies.
  2. Retailers are allowed any type of competition, contest, prize giving or promotion of Ecopipo® products on Facebook and other social networks as long as they adhere to the guidelines of the social networks and this retailer’s guidelines.
  3. Competition, contest, prize giving or promotion of Ecopipo® products will be supported by the importer but must be authorised prior to the start, by Ecopipo® UK&Europe.
  4. Facebook can be used for the sale of products but it is the responsibility of the retailer to provide a correct receipt of each sale in order to make valid the warranty of the products.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to use e-bay or similar pages to auction any of our products.

Final note

The violation of any of the above guidelines will be notified by Ecopipo®UK&Europe to the retailer to ask them to amend the error.

The retailer will be removed from Ecopipo®UK&Europe’s list of authorised retailers in the event of any recurrence.

Thanks in advance to adhere to these guidelines and rules to help us to assure fair competition and growth and help to continue the Ecopipo brand growth as an ethical company.

Laura Finnegan t/a Ecopipo UK & Europe, 1 Churchill Crescent, Bangor, Co.Down, BT20 5RN, Northern Ireland, UK