Ecopipo cloth nappies fabrics

Read more about the fabrics we use in the different Ecopipo® cloth nappies and Ecobebé® cloth nappies


Polyurethane laminate known as PUL is a fabric made by laminating a cloth fabric to both sides of a thin film of polyurethane.

This fabric has two important characteristics; it prevents the escape of liquids while at the same time allows air to enter, so your baby’s bum does not overheat and stay as fresh as possible.

This fabric has attractive designs in a wide range of colours and we only use PUL that has been certified as free of phthalates and banned azo dyes.


Microfleece is man-made fabric combine with cotton, that keeps your baby’s bum very dry. It absorbs moisture and dries solid waste, making it easier for you to wash the nappies.

Microfleece does not keep odours and does not stain when washed even if using gentle washing powder. It also does not pile easily and its texture and colour are maintained as new, wash after wash!

Because of these characteristics we use microfleece in our Lubella sanitary pads. Most people ask us if this is a magic fabric, as it does not stain at all!

Organic Cotton and unbleached Bamboo

This fabric is woven to a specified commission by Ecopipo®. It is made of two total natural fibres, the organic cotton provides very high absorption while reduces the problem of using ordinary cotton, that uses a lot of pesticides to grow.

The unbleached bamboo does not use chlorine in their production, therefore has less impact on the environment. It also provides a neutral pH, essential in the care of your baby’s delicate skin.

The inserts made with this mixed absorb up to 3 times their own weight and some antibacterial properties have been linked to this type of material.

Organic Cotton and terry bamboo

Another fabric that has been commissioned by Ecopipo after nearly 4 years of the test. The fabric is similar in properties as described above, however, it has the huge advantage that it can absorb more liquid in less surface, making it extremely thin and very easy to dry.