By JenniĀ  Ecopipo cloth nappies’ champion,

I always have been passionate about recycling. I remember when I was about 14/15 years old, living at home when the council introduced the big blue recycling bins to our area. I was so excited, I managed to order two instead of one. I used to raid the house for suitable materials, under sofa cushions or in the bathroom cupboard. Anything to fill that blue bin for collection on a Thursday.

After I moved to Scotland, the enthusiasm continued throughout my university life and into my adult life.

James and I have always tried to make environmentally friendly choices where we can. Walking or taking the bus instead of driving, physically bringing rubbish home with us to recycle instead of just throwing it away in a city centre bin, as well as actively donating unwanted items instead of just talking to the dump.

But it does concern me when I witness people not thinking about the planet and not recycling. Simply landfilling waste, or worse, illegal fly-tipping rather than donating to a charity. Recently in Edinburgh, our landfill bin has decreased in size (unless you are a family of four or more) and our recycling options are now split between a large bin, blue box for glass, a brown bin for garden waste and a food caddy, and still, I see landfill bins overflowing and recycling bins unused.

Once you get into a routine of recycling, it just becomes second nature!

Maybe it is the actions of other family members or the lack of education that causes these decisions to be made. It can be difficult to make lifestyle choices like this while still living at home, especially when the family doesn’t support you, but we need to think of future generations. Once you get into a routine of recycling, it just becomes second nature, this is definitely true with us, especially with our cloth nappies and wipes. I could not imagine doing things any other way, and it has encouraged me to explore other environmentally friendly options such as eco eggs for laundry rather than using washing powder etc. and using my black and blum water bottle with recyclable charcoal instead of buying bottles of water while out and about.

I have also recently started supporting our local walled garden (Gracemount Walled Garden, if any of you are local šŸ˜‰ ), which helps me again reduce my consumption on the packaging, as I get most of my vegetables from there and no longer from the shop. I have also made some lovely new friends šŸ™‚

Recycling really isn’t that hard, it’s a simple and easy choice that helps you do your part, and helps us all make this planet a nicer place to live and also protects it for the future.

JenniĀ Ā  XX

I am an Ecopipo cloth nappies’ champion.Ā  I am always willing to advise you to find the best nappy system for your baby and to help you how to make the most of your Ecopipo cloth nappies.

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