We are right in the middle of the European Week for Waste Reduction and there is no doubt that cloth nappies are an alternative to reduce the waste we produce, the matter how many arguments in pro of disposables can be put on the debate table, more than ever, single-use products have to start to show their true colours, in terms of the damage that they can cause to the environment and to the economy, as we, the taxpayers must contribute to the landfill tax.

However, cloth nappies, like any other cloth, require the specific care to prolong their usability span so they can accomplish their mission of helping to reduce waste to landfills.

We have produced a comprehensive guide to washing and caring for your Ecopipo cloth nappies and if you want to check it just follow this link here,  what I intend in this short article is to highlight some of our recommendations.

This week I would like to talk about our really absorbent adjustable night nappies, this super-soft nappies are insanely thirsty and can be used for 12 hours throughout the night, however, this means that the following morning the nappy will be super heavy as it is full of pee and odours (normal for any night nappy). Our two recommendations for this nappies are:

  1. Preferable rinse them (machine or by hand whatever you prefer)  in the morning to reduce the amount of pee and therefore ammonia, then remove the excess liquid (quick fast spin) and dry pile them.
  2. Wash them in no more than 48 hours,

The problem of not doing these two recommendations is that when the ammonia combines with O2 works as a caustic agent and literally will burn your bamboo nappies.

On the other hand, if you follow these recommendations your nappies will last much longer and they would reduce any waste you could have produced with disposables.