My Ecopipo Journey
By Lizzy Blacklock

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My introduction to Ecopipo was via social media – an advert posted by a friend and former lecturer.

Like many mums, I guess, I wanted to do some research, as I was curious about the relatively unpublicised area of reusable cloth nappies and was keen to find out more. Being a first time Mummy, I was new to the world of nappies and to the thousands of baby products out there.

First Impressions and benefits of using Ecopipo

The numerous benefits to using cloth nappies, as outlined on the Ecopipo website immediately hit home with me.

Having survived the past 11 months using only disposable nappies on my baby boy Theo, with countless instances of nappy rash, much leaking through clothes, and having spent a lot of money going between brands trying to find the best value nappies, I decided it was time for a change. Aside from the fascinating story of Ecopipo, the first thing that attracted me to the brand was the colourful nappy designs!

There are many benefits to using Ecopipo cloth nappies. The most important for me, personally, is the increased comfort they provide, as well as their kindness to the skin, compared to that of a disposable nappy. The amount of cushioning and soft material that makes up the Ecopipo nappy is far superior to that of the disposable nappy. I was also drawn to their uniqueness; both my husband and I noticed an immediate change in attitude from Theo during nappy changes. The never-ending struggles and squirming sessions which we had previously faced have more or less become a thing of the past. Theo now takes an interest in his nappies – he enjoys looking at their designs and bright colours and even points at which one he wants to wear!