Ecopipo® designed Ecobebé® nappies, keeping in mind the simplest of designs that could make a nappy: easy to use, reliable, and affordable with the aim to encourage more parents to give cloth nappies a go. Did we mention that also parents can choose what fabric will be in contact with their baby’s skin?

Ecobebé® can be used with babies as small as 5 lbs 5 oz (2.5 kg) and as big as 37 lbs (17 kg), however, for easiest fitting is best used within the range shown below.

Ecobebe display of sizes

What is an AI2 nappy?

AI2s have a detachable snap-in or lay-in pad, in this case, Ecobebé® uses a lay-in pad system but adds two flaps in the design, at the front and at the back of the nappy to keep the lay-in pad in place, without causing discomfort on your baby by the presence of the snap.

A detachable lay-in-pad means that the shell can be reused for more than one nappy change. You just remove the wet dirty pad and replace it with a clean one.

There are many benefits of a removable pad for instance:
• You can customise the nappy’s absorbent inner.
• They dry much faster than traditional all-in-ones and
• You have less laundry to do than pockets and all-in-ones too!

In addition, Ecobebé® fit inside of “normal” clothing really well. This is a common concern for parents, and one of the reasons some parents are put off cloth nappies.

Ecobebé® nappies have a slim and trim fit. We believe this is a real nappy revolution!
Many of us love big fluffy bums, but in reality, not everyone does, and the combination of a slim fit with a highly absorbent nappy makes it more appealing….it needs to be tried to believe it!!

Meet the parts of your Ecobebé® Onesize All in two (AI2) cloth nappy

The elastic at the back and the elastic on the legs are both very soft, but at the same time, they help to create a good seal to keep everything inside the nappy. Additionally, they also have double gussets. We are fans of double gussets as they ensure that everything remains inside the nappies.

We listened to you when you asked us for poppers, therefore all Ecobebé® nappies are made with a popper system closure. For hook and loop lovers we have our gorgeous Ecopipo® pockets, with one of the strongest and most durable hooks and loop closure systems in the market. You might want to know that the hook and loop has a unique extended guarantee of 2 years!!

Fabrics used in an Ecobebé® nappy

  • Each Ecobebé® nappy includes a long insert made of a microfibre core covered by velour cotton; when this insert is folded in 2 it creates an absorption capacity of 5 layers that last from 3 to 4 hours in most babies.
  • The Ecobebé® insert allows you to be in control of the type of fabric you want to put in contact with the skin of your baby, as one of the sides is covered with microfleece to give your little one a sensation of dryness

For a more natural feel in contact with your baby’s skin, there is a super soft cotton velour on the other side.

  • The cotton velour side is an excellent option for the minority of babies who are sensitive to microfleece
  • For breastfeeding babies, the microfleece side washes very well.
  • The best news is that although the insert lasts over 3 hours, it dries quickly for how absorbent it is.

We have been testing it indoors here in the UK and we are quite pleased to say it dries overnight.

You still can boost these nappies for night time, however, our main recommendation is as a day nappy!

Adjusting the sizes and the insert of your Ecobebé® cloth nappy

When using the frontal poppers, you can easily adjust the size as needed.

Regarding the inserts, fold them in three for sizes small and medium and in two for sizes large and extra large and then place them on the cover, tucking them underneath the flaps and checking that all absorbent pad/insert is inside the gussets too to avoid leaks.
As easy as ABC! Just as shown in this picture:

Washing and caring for your Ecobebé® Onesize

All in two (AI2) cloth nappy

We recommend you to wash the insert and the cover before you use them, a 40ºC wash will be enough!

Finally, to prolong the life of your Ecobebé® and to get the best of it please note:


  • Use bleach on both the insert/pad and the cover.
  • Use fabric conditioner
  • Tumble dry the insert/pad at high temperature
  • Tumble dry the cover – not even at low temperature

Remember your Ecobebé® Onesize All in two (AI2) cloth nappy is covered in our guarantee for a full year see all terms and conditions in Guarantee policy


Finally, we thought you might want to know that

Ecopipo® is a family business that has been making environmentally friendly reusable products for baby and mum for the last 8 years. Ecopipo® products are not only environmentally friendly to help you to reduce your carbon footprint, but we have the commitment to offer you truly reusable products that can be used time after time.

We have always been passionate about looking after the world and pride ourselves in offering you safe, affordable, and well-made reliable products.

We also aim to be a socially responsible company; therefore, we check carefully that every step of the process meets our strict ethical standards. We are totally against child labour and our workshop in México offers well paid, meaningful jobs to mums, that otherwise needed to emigrate to the USA.

In addition, all our products are free of nasty chemicals that can harm your baby.

Ecopipo and Ecobebé are both Registered Brands and both are loved in over 15 countries in two continents.

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