Just for two days grab a very special offer for  Zero Waste week

To finish this year Zero Waste Week in a high note, we want to do our bit to help you to switch to cloth nappies or to increase your stash, so you have always a handy cloth  nappy without out having to reach for a disposable.

Disposable nappies not only have a detrimental effect on the environment in their making and some babies can react badly to them, in addition they will take 500 years to disintegrate. We will not see that of course, but can you imagine the pile of rubbish everywhere in years to come.

We think that washable nappies will add extra work to our everyday busy lives, but in reality they are easy to use and with a little bit of practice, easy to combine with our everyday routine, Don’t you believe that a little bit of effort is worth it, to leave our children a better world?

The more we keep using them, the more they will take up in our now very few landfills. Right now, they take up from 2 to 8% but as we recycle more and try to reduce more, like in the case of plastic bags, the proportion of nappies is going to increase!!

As part of the Zero Waste Week 2017, we, at Ecopipo want to do something to encourage more mums to give cloth a go. So for these reason we are offering a whooping 20% in all our online shop, including all our new prints for this Summer, only for two days, Saturday 9th  and Sunday 10th of September (48 hours of price madness). Avail this offer here. 

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We, together, can be part of the solution!