6 tips for drying cloth nappies during Autumn and Winter

By Laura Finnegan, Ecopipo UK

I must confess that I love seeing my washing line full of cloth and nappies in the summer months and one of my biggest fears is the arrival of autumn followed by winter.

When temperatures drop, and it’s cold and wet outside, I rely on 2 good allies to get me through my laundry days: a good centrifuge in the washing machine and my indoor drying line.

drying cloth nappies indoor

I would like to share with you a few tips that help me to make laundry easier during these long dark months.

Tip #1

I wash nappies at night, it helps me to reduce our household electricity bill. We have a reduced nighttime electricity tariff, of course, this applies all year long, but during autumn/winter, we need more electricity in the house for many other things, so I try to make the laundry bill more efficient.

Tip #2

I always make sure that the nappies, and especially the inserts, are well spun when taking them out of the washing machine. Once the cycle ends, I take the covers and run another spin cycle just with the inserts, to remove as much water as possible. I do the same with towels and it does reduce the drying time quite a lot!

Tip #3

I hang all my nappies on an indoor cloth airer. My house is not too big, neither is very warm, but I have a corner in my dining area where I leave the nappies for a full day

Tip #4

If you have a dryer you can finish them off in a short cycle at low temperature, some inserts become very fluffy when you do that.

Tip #5

Most times I only place them on a radiator cloth airer to finish them off. But be careful, NEVER do this with the wraps, the PUL can be damaged!

cloth nappies inserts drying off using a radiator cloth airer

Tip #6

In an emergency case, you can dry both the insert and the wraps in your tumble dryer, but remember you MUST use a low-temperature setting. In the case of your wraps NEVER put the extra Velcro protection on the tumble dryer, and never put them as long as the inserts.

My last piece of advice:

Using a dryer constantly reduces the life of your nappies, especially if you do it at high temperatures, but at the same time in an emergency, it will save your life! so my recommendation is to use the dryer only in case of emergencies.

I hope these tips are useful for your nappy laundry days and will help you till next spring!

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