By Jenni. Ecopipo cloth nappies’ champion,

When I found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, George, I decided I was going to breastfeed. 

Formula was never an option for me. I wanted to give my baby the best possible start in life, so I began taking pregnancy multivitamins with the plan of progressing onto breastfeeding ones after labour.
I spent many a sleepless night searching and reading all I needed to know about being a first time breastfeeding mum and I actually began producing colostrum at 24weeks of pregnancy.
My pregnancy was pretty straight forward, I was active right up to the day I delivered, but my labour was long and painful.

George ended up back to back after 23hours of labour, and we both ended up in theatre under general anaesthesia for a forceps delivery. George was born at 6lb 7oz.
When I regained consciousness I was introduced to George by my partner and the midwife immediately brought George to my breast for his first feed. 
We both took to breastfeeding very well, the nurses on the ward were very attentive, especially when I requested help or even just reassurance that my latch was right. Some were even a little too attentive, one woke us up at 4 am to ensure I had fed my baby even though I was up at 3 am! 
There was also a lot of breastfeeding literature available on my table, which I still have to this day.

Once we got home, my partner and I just concentrated on the baby, and without James, I know I would not have been able to do as well as I have. I fed the baby and he fed me. He kept me hydrated, he kept the house tidy and walked the dog.
I ended up with mastitis at 2weeks, but my determination to keep feeding drove me on. I got all the medication I needed to be combined with nipple shields and after two days it was gone. 
Since then, it’s been onwards and upwards. George turned six months last week and was weighed today at 20lb 4oz!!

Breastfeeding support has improved in the UK but more work to do

I can definitely see how things have improved for breastfeeding mommas in the United Kingdom, but we are not there yet.
The support on the ward was incredible, but once I came home, it was really down to us. My health visitor is very supportive but has also given me incorrect information in the past.

I believe women should be educated more on the benefits of breastfeeding but also to how it affects our bodies. No one ever mentioned the night sweats or leaky boob’s to me.
The public’s attitude toward breastfeeding needs to change also. Most people don’t notice or are supportive, but I have also had people tut at me, I have had wives switch seats with their husbands, men try to ‘catch a glimpse!’, and one woman who asked me to cover up even though you literally couldn’t see anything!
I’m incredibly proud of my breastfeeding family! My son for gaining weight and being healthy as he is, my partner for supporting us as he has. Without him, it would have not been possible. And myself, for being so determined and willing to educate myself on how to feed my son.
Happy Breastfeeding Week to all you currently feeding, thinking about it or how to those who have in the past! You are amazing!

Have faith in your body, if it can grow your baby, it can feed them 🙂
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Jenni is an Ecopipo champion. She is always willing to advise you to find the best nappy system for your baby and to help you how to make the most of your Ecopipo cloth nappies.

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