Best way to wash your cloth nappies

This is a frequently asked question from most of our customers. Most mums want to know which is the best way to wash your cloth nappies.

Washing and caring for all your Ecopipo® cloth nappies and Ecobebé® All in two

We recommend you to wash all inserts and the covers before you use them.

  • A 40º C wash will be enough!

To prolong the life of your Ecopipo and Ecobebé nappies we recommend:

  • to wash them at 40 degrees if they are only wet and
  • at 60 degrees only when they are soiled.

Laundry dirty nappies is no more difficult than:

  1. Rinse at 40 degrees
  2. Wash at 40 or 60 degrees
  3. Rinse at 40 degrees

Ecopipo and Ecobebé cloth nappies can be washed with bio or non-bio powder or liquid, whatever is more convenient for you.  Preferably choose one that does not contain whitening agents (brighteners) or phosphates.

Everything will be fine as long as you don’t use:

  • Fabric conditioner;
  • Bleach;
  • Vinegar;
  • Napisan;
  • Any type of stain removers or oxy-action products.

Although they can be tumble dried is best to air dry them as much as possible! 

One final word when washing your nappies never: 

  • Use bleach on both the insert/pad and the cover.
  • Use fabric conditioner 
  • Tumble dry the insert/pad at high temperature 
  • Tumble dry the cover – not even at low temperature 

All these practices reduce the performance of your nappies and may invalidate your guarantee.

Click here for further information on washing instructions.