Ecopipo was founded with one mission in mind: to make the world a cleaner place. For almost 10 years we’ve been designing, developing, and sharing the most absorbent nappies on the market and it’s been a blessing to see our brand and our nappies spread around the world.

It all began in granny Teté’s kitchen, when 4 generations were sitting around the table and everyone was wondering what could be done to make life easier to new mum Ixchel when changing baby Adan’s nappy.

Ixchel wanted to follow the family tradition of causing the least possible impact on the environment and she did not have a problem using the traditional cotton nappies that granny Teté had made for her. Her problem were the pins, Ixchel was literally terrified of the idea of pinching Adan’s delicate skin.

Ixchel looked on the internet for hours on end, and she could not find nappies she liked in Mexico, so granny, a skilful amateur seamstress, came to the rescue again and helped her to cut, shaped and place a secure closing system to a nappy that Ixchel could use easily.   To Ixchel’s surprise most of her girlfriends wanted to use Adan’s nappies on her own babies, so Ixchel and granny Tete, two natural entrepreneurs, started to produce some nappies for close friends and slowly but steadily after a few more metres of fabric and days of stitching using an old machine.

Ecopipo was born!

And what began as the developing of a nappy to solve a specific problem, slowly Ecopipo range of products expanded as our company did.

Our workshop move- 3 times now, we hired employees, we got involved in advocacy and education, and we expanded internationally.  

Mums and dads wanted nappies which were easy to use, reliable, affordable, durable and look fantastic in babies’ bums. And we wanted something for everyone – so we got to work looking for the best quality fabrics, the easiest designs and a combination of liners that are insanely absorbent!

Now, as Ecopipo, our nappies have evolved to meet different requirements for different babies. Pocket nappies, specialised night time nappies, All in two nappies, swim nappies, training pants for toddlers, amongst others.  We’re always cooking up new ideas because we always find new challenges and solutions for them.

From our successful Ecopipo pocket nappies which monthly sales covers the needs of nearly 700 babies, each and every development furthers our goal that started it all – to offer more parent an easy to use, affordable, durable and beautiful cloth nappies, so you can also help to leave a better world for your children.


The road has not been easy but steadily Ecopipo has become the number 1 brand in Mexico, the most loved brand in Latino America and a well-loved brand in the UK and Europe.

We’re manufacturing your dream nappy right now. And we can’t wait to share it with you, as together we can change the world one nappy at that time.

With nearly a decade on the market, and still going strong as a family business,  this is what Ecopipo looks like in numbers


620,000 nappies manufactured


A minimum of 41,333 babies benefited


227 million 331 thousand fewer disposable nappies


Avoiding sending to landfill more than 41 million tons of waste


Over 206 thousand trees saved


Saved 123 thousand 825 million of litres of water from getting polluted in nappy manufacturing


More than 50 jobs created for the production of the nappies


More than 1000 families benefited from the selling of the nappies


Sold in nearly 20 countries regularly and growing everyday